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From Ingot to Target: A Cast Bullet Guide for Handgunners
A New full length cast bullet book by Glen E. Fryxell
  Foreword by John Taffin

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IHMSA News Feature Articles   The Articles of Glen E. Fryxell
By: Todd Spotti   Cast bullets/firearms & their history
IHMSA News "Ranging Shot" Column The most complete Glen E. Fryxell index on the net
By: Todd Spotti The Articles of Mike Bellm
The Articles of Jim Taylor   T/C Firearm Accuracy

Cast Bullets For Beginner And Expert

Four Brand New Articles   Joe Brennan
From The Master Story Teller - Jim Taylor    
Additional Authors And Articles
Dual PID Temperature Controller   The Myth of Arsenic   Cartridge Case Annealing
By: Keith G. Benedict   By: Wiljen   By: Ken Light
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A Nation Of Cowards   22 Rimfire Specialty Ammo   Marlin Leverguns
By: Jeffrey R. Snyder   By: PACO   By: PACO
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African Hunt With Cast Bullets   Looking Back - The 22 Rimfire   The Masters And Its Guns
By: Sarel Badenhorst   By: PACO   By: Larry Stuhlman
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41 Magnum   22 Hornet   Is Your Bullet Weak Enough
By: PACO   By: PACO   By Ken Easterling
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Heat Treating Lead - Antimony - Arsenic Alloys     Cast Bullet Alloys and Alloy Maintenance
By: Rick Kelter   By: yammerschooner   By: Rick Kelter

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Lead Safety   Testing Lead Strength, Toughness   By Consent of the Governed
By: John Cox   By: Geoff Chamberlain   From The American Rifleman

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  Ed's Red Bore Cleaner     Leading Defined     Loading The 44 Magnum
By: C.E. Harris   From Old Mid-Kansas Cast Bullet website   By: John Ross

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Babbitt (As Bullet Alloy)   Bullet Lube Ingredients/Recipes   Alloying With Roto Metals Super Hard  By: Rick Kelter
By: Felix Robbins By: Rick Kelter  
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pdf version  Cast Bullet Notes


Boxer Primer Chart  pdf version

pdf version   Ballistic Formulas & Notes


Powder Burn Rate (Hodgdon pdf version

pdf version  (SAAMI  Recommendations) Maximum Chamber Pressure

Brinell Hardness Test Method Explained  pdf version

pdf version  RCBS Shell Holder's By Cartridge


Gas Check Shank Sizes  pdf version