From Ingot to Target:  
  A Cast Bullet Guide for Handgunners  
MP Molds, Slovenia EU - One of the world's premier custom mold makers. Clone of the RCBS 45 Cal 270 Gr. SAA A joint effort by Glen E. Fryxell and Robert L. Applegate SAECO #382 35 Caliber 150 Gr. PB SWC         
Glen E. Fryxell
Robert L. Applegate
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By John Taffin  
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SAECO #264 140 Gr. 6.5mm SPGC expresses tremendous gratitude to Glen E. Fryxell and Robert L. Applegate for exclusive rights to publish the most important and complete cast bullet handbook to come along in many years. Experienced casters will find much that they knew to be correct and much of what they thought they knew to be incorrect, now they will know why on both counts. This is also the place for new casters to start, from the equipment needed to get started to becoming a master caster while eliminating much of the frustration and trial and error that new casters face.

SAECO #068 45 Caliber 200 Gr. SWC BB

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SAECO #305 31 Caliber (.314" dia.) 180 Gr. FPGC RCBS 150 Gr. 30 Caliber FPGC Lyman #225438 44 grain RNGC L - SAECO #399 180 Gr. 35 Caliber / R - RCBS 180 Gr. 35 Caliber Silhouette