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A wide range of bullet casting information


Visit Mike Bellm online

Mike Bellm is a gunsmith specializing in Thompson/Center Firearms precision throats, re-chambering and customizing

The information all Thompson/Center Firearms owners need For
Accuracy - Longevity - Reliability
Finally! Accurate information on why your T/C shoots well . . . Or Doesn't

Concise, well written information on accuracy requirements for break open action firearms. From throats, chambers, headspace and bores to special sizing and seating die requirements and much more.

Thompson/Center Contender & Encore Firearms technical information to help you get the very most from all of your rimfire and centerfire rifle and handgun configurations


About Factory TC Barrels


Adjusting Sizing and Seating Dies


Co-Ax Throating

Blowing Shoulders Forward   Chamber Throats 101
Why Re-Chamber?   Go Full Custom or Rework a Factory Barrel?


Max Pressures in the Contender  

Seating Depth Short Coarse

Contender Trigger Job notes   What a Chamber Throat Is

About Your Contender Trigger Job

  About Fire Lapping Barrels
Chamber Casts on File for Reference   Barrel Cleaning
Out of Square Case Heads    

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