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480 Achilles Load Data

By: Jim Taylor

  All loads use CCI Large Pistol Primers.
  All loads with the Bittner 480-290-FNH bullet  (290 gr. heel bullet).
  All fired from 7 barrel.
  7 feet from muzzle to first screen.
  All velocities are averages.
Black Powder  
21.0 gr. FFg DuPont - 643 fps WW 231
(these were VERY consistent) 6.0 gr. 231 = 794 fps
Unique 5.0 gr. Bullseye = 717 fps
6.1 gr. Unique = 798 fps 6.0 gr. Bullseye = 883 fps
6.5 gr. Unique = 848 fps  
7.0 gr. Unique = 911 fps 700X
  6.0 gr. 700X = 906 fps
12.0 gr. 2400 = 870 fps (accurate load) WC820 (military surplus H110)
12.5 gr. 2400 = 885 fps  15.5 gr. WC820 = 883 fps
13.0 gr. 2400 = 950 fps (accurate load) 16.0 gr. WC820 = 955 fps

- Jim Taylor


  Some representative targets  
fired with various loads
All at 25 yards
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