Dual NRA - IHMSA sanctioned Handgun - Rifle - Air Pistol Silhouette Shooting year round - The Los Angeles Silhouette Club

The Long Range Handgun Silhouette Events
     LASC is a dual sanctioned Handgun Silhouette club offering both NRA and The International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA).
The Long Range Events:
     All of these targets are at 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 meters. The distances are the same for both NRA and IHMSA events. See the page "Course Of Fire" for an explanation of targets and distances. Or click the rule for each category below for a more detailed explanation.
The NRA Has 6 Categories IHMSA Has 8 Categories
Conventional Pistol Production  
Conventional Standing Production Standing  
Conventional Revolver Production Revolver  
Unlimited Full Size Unlimited Full Size  
Unlimited 1/2 Size Unlimited 1/2 Scale  
Unlimited Standing Unlimited Standing  
Unlimited Any Sight Unlimited Any Sight  
  Unlimited Any Sight 1/2 Scale  

     All of the categories are the same between NRA and IHMSA. As an example, the IHMSA Production category is exactly the same category as the NRA Conventional category. Just different names by the two groups for the same thing.


     Any safe sporting arms ammunition EXCEPT: NO tracer rounds or steel jacketed/core ammunition is allowed. Target damage is not permitted.

Conventional Pistol Freestyle / Production Freestyle: Both NRA and IHMSA

     Any stock as manufactured un-modified, readily available catalog handgun with a barrel length of 10 3/4" or less. Open sights only - No scopes in this category. No bolt guns in Conventional Categories. Any legal freestyle position. As an example: No artificial support of any kind. Weight limit is 4.5 pounds in NRA and 4.0 pounds in IHMSA. (Note: IHMSA has a bolt gun exception in Production Category: The original XP-100 in 221 Fireball is permitted).

Conventional Standing / Production Standing:  Both NRA and IHMSA

     Same rules as apply in Conventional Pistol Freestyle above except this category as the name implies, is standing (off-hand) position only. Weight limits Are the same in all Conventional / Production Categories. 4 1/2 pounds for NRA and 4.0 pounds for IHMSA. Open sights only.

Conventional / Production Revolver: Both NRA and IHMSA

     Any stock as manufactured un-modified REVOLVER with a barrel length of 10 3/4" or less. Any legal freestyle position. Conventional / Production Category rules apply. Weight limits are 4.0 pounds NRA and 4.5 pounds IHMSA.

Unlimited Full Size: Both NRA and IHMSA
Unlimited Any Sight: IHMSA Only
     Any handgun with a barrel length of 15" or less, equipped with open sights for NRA and IHMSA Full Size categories and either scoped or open sight for IHMSA Any Sight category. These are freestyle categories meaning any legal position. No artificial support. Weight limits are 4.5 pounds for NRA and IHMSA full Size Freestyle and 5.5 pounds for IHMSA Any Sight Freestyle category. In the Conventional categories firearms must remain stock as manufactured but the Unlimited Categories, within a weight and length limit, almost any safe sporting handgun is acceptable. The Unlimited Categories are the place for experimenting and tricked out guns.

Unlimited Half Size: Both NRA And IHMSA

     Same rules as Unlimited Full Size above at the same distances but on half size targets. Open sights, freestyle. Weight limit is 4.5 pounds. NRA and IHMSA rules are the same.

Unlimited Standing: Both NRA and IHMSA

     Same Unlimited Category rules as above except either scope or open sights are permitted. Standing (off-hand) position only. Weight limit 5.5 pounds for both NRA and IHMSA.

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