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How I Made A Tube Sight

     I have some rifles with scope blocks that hold the Lyman Super Targetspot scope sights, but that do not have iron sights.

To shoot these rifles in iron sight matches I made a tube sight, with the help of my friend, Clayton Prario.

     I had a set of 1" Unertl scope mounts.

     I got a 1" outside diameter brass tube, 30" long, from the plumbing supply house.

     Clayton turned the base of a Lyman 17A front sight to the tube inside diameter, drilled and tapped a screw hole in the base and drilled a hole in the tube. Here's the 17A in the tube, backwards so that I can change the insert.

Shown is a Merit disc.

     Next, Clayton turned a piece of brass to fit inside the tube, drilled and tapped the side for a mounting screw and drilled and tapped the center for an aperture.

Here's the key to the tube sight, a Ruger ring with a piece of steel filed to fit the ring and with a "V" at the end. The V controls the fore and aft movement of the sight, and also controls the angular position of the tube in the mounts. The Ruger mount is loosened and adjusted.

 This sight has some annoying light reflecting off the inside; I'm told that a stretched spring inside the tube will blank off that light. I'm searching for a spring.



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